I’m New

Welcome to the community! In this area, it can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging trying to find a church that is right for you and your family. Every church has its own unique flavor and style. We know that Bethany is not the place for everyone, but are excited about the wonderful group of people that God has brought together to form our local church. Our church members are diverse in ages, backgrounds and gifts but God has joined us together with a common purpose: to advance his kingdom. We love what God is doing here and would love to have you visit! Perhaps Bethany is where God wants you to serve and grow as well. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at: (828) 884-5791.

God Bless,

Pastor Matt Collier

10:30 AM Morning Worship
6:00 PM Evening Service
6:30 PM Prayer Meeting

10:30 AM Morning Worship Service

Sunday morning is a blend of seriousness and gladness as we worship the Lord together. We see worship as a person’s response to what God reveals about himself through his Word and his Spirit. That means everything we do should be done for the purpose of bringing Him glory for He alone is worthy (Revelation 4:11).Our morning service includes worshipping God through prayer, giving, ministry of the Word and music.

The music we sing at Bethany is a beautiful blend of old and new texts and melodies. We enjoy a careful mix of newer and older doctrinally rich hymns together with vibrant new hymns and choruses. We choose hymns, songs, and choruses based upon their doctrinal accuracy and singability. It is not enough that a hymn is merely sentimental or that it has a great new tune. We emphasize congregational singing, which allows everyone to sing praise to God with one voice, over performed music, which spotlights individuals thus creating a spectating/entertainment environment. We view the music ministry of a church as a God-given means of teaching and admonishing one another (Colossians 3:16; 1 Corinthians 14:15,26; Matthew 26:30).

Preaching at Bethany is largely expositional, which means we seek to give the meaning of a particular Biblical passage.  The meaning of the text is the point of the sermon. Effort is made to understand the original intent of the passage and then transfer the principles over to modern living. The message usually lasts between 40-45 minutes with the morning service dismissing by 11:45AM.

6:00 PM Sunday Evening Adult Bible Study and Children’s Sunday School

Our Sunday evening services are more of a family time as we gather for a time of Bible study, in which we study the meaning of God’s Word and how it applies to various life stages. Age appropriate classes for children provide a foundation for biblical worldview. The service concludes at 7PM. Spontaneous fellowship often follows as members take time to talk and enjoy each other. Sometimes we invite a special missionary speaker to share about their ministry. Most months, we devote the second Sunday night to meeting at various locations with our Care Team groups.

6:30 PM Wednesday Evening

Our children’s Bible clubs for ages 3 through grade 6 designed to encourage the memory and application of the Bible to young lives.

Our youth group meets together in the teen room. Time is given for singing, Bible teaching, prayer, and sometimes an activity.

Prayer and Bible study. Members and guests gather for a time of inductive Bible study in which we think through a few verses of Scripture together. Our goal in Wednesday Night Bible Study is not simply to learn from the selected text but to learn how to study the Bible and apply it to our personal lives. We typically spend about half of our time sharing requests and praying for the physical and spiritual needs of our church family.

What should I wear?

Our dress is a reflection of our diversity. Typically there is a balance between casual and business-casual, though you will find anything from dark suits to jeans. There is no “dress code” at Bethany although we do seek to follow the principles of modesty, appropriateness and reverence.

Where do I go when I get there?

Park in the close spaces reserved for guests. Our friendly greeters will meet you at the front door and help you know where to go.

Do you offer child care?

We offer child care for all ages. This includes nursery through age three as well as Primary Church and Junior Church. Our separate infant and toddler nurseries are kept clean and sanitized. All of our children’s workers are carefully screened and go through a background check before they are permitted to interact with children in any kind of official capacity.

What kind of music will I hear?

At Bethany you will hear Christ-honoring special music. Traditional but energetic congregational singing also plays a major role in our worship services. We believe that the purpose of music is to exalt our Savior and encourage our members.

Is your facility handicap friendly?


What kind of version of the Bible do you use?

We typically use the English Standard Version from the pulpit but our members and guests follow along in a variety of accurate, conservative translations according to their own personal preference.

How long are your services?

Typically, our morning worship service runs from 10:30 to around 11:45. Evening services range from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

How can I know for sure that I am going to heaven?

Please see this presentation to find out the answer to this most important question.